Surf Kayaking Huntington Beach

I've attempted surf kayaking in my inflatable Sevylor Canoe several times. It usually buckles in the middle on the larger waves and I end up having to abandon ship to save myself. Its a great canoe for lakes and mild white water, but I don't recommend using an inflatable on the ocean unless you plan on dumping it out several times. I actually had to install a custom drain plug on the back on my boat. My next purchase is going to be a spray skirt for it. I ran across this Youtube video of a guy surf kayaking at Bolsa Chica next to Huntington Beach. He mounted a Go-pro on his boat and shot some really great footage. I can't believe his video only has 4,000 views. It shows you where most people's priorities are when you see that the latest Justin Bieber video on Youtube has 400 million views.

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