The Grotto Trail, Malibu

Pacific Coast Highway waterfalls, the Grotto Waterfall in Malibu, Malibu cave
The Grotto, Malibu

The Grotto, Malibu

The Grotto trail is a short, but fun 3 ½ mile round-trip hike to see a 20 foot waterfall that flows into a hidden cave.  The trail features a few other smaller waterfalls and a beautiful open meadow that is filled with wildflowers in the spring.  As you approach the waterfall on the grotto trail, the canyon narrows and the last ¼ mile of the trail can be a bit tricky. To reach the base of the falls and the hidden cave, you’ll have to navigate around, over, and through a maze of house-sized boulders. Grandma and your fat uncle Phil will have to wait at the top of the falls while everyone else does some exploring. You probably won’t be able to spend the entire day at the Grotto, but you might consider heading over to nearby Temescal Canyon in Santa Monica afterwards. 

To reach the Grotto trailhead from Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu, turn onto Yerba Buena Road and follow it 5 ½ miles to the Circle X Ranch Ranger Station.

For a more detailed description of the actual trail, visit
Grotto Trail, Malibu California

The Grotto, Malibu California


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