Emergency Kits and Bug-Out Bags

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Now that people are starting to take some interest in prepping, I thought I would share the contents on my emergency kit and my bug-out bags. I've had a bug-out bag since I was 15 years old. These days, I keep three separate kits. Depending on the area you live in, you should adjust the contents of your bag accordingly. These lists are intended to be a general reference with the essentials to get you started on your own customized bug-out bag. 

Small Emergency kit for hiking
Emergency  blanket, alcohol swabs, dermabond, crazyglue, matches in waterproof case,  toilet paper, purel hand sanitizer, travel size suntan lotion, flashlight/headlamp with spare batteries, glowstick,  needle and thread,  energy bars, pocket knife, few feet of rope/paracord, emergency whistle,  bandages, rain poncho, compass, water purification tablets/iodine,  powdered Gatorade individual packs
Store it in a metal thermos for boiling water in an emergency

Large kit for bugout bag
Canteen(s) and water bladder, camping stove, 4 season tent, Am/Fm radio and batteries, cell phone and charger, gloves, wool hat, jacket, extra socks/underwear, hatchet, gun/ammo, small fishing kit with line/lures/hooks, duct tape, gauze/Band-Aids/bandages, Neosporin, advil/Tylenol, small travel size toiletries including toothbrush, toothbrush, all-purpose bath soap, lighter, map of evacuation route, energy bars, vitamins

Car kit
Jumper cables, spare tire, fix-a flat, jack, tire iron, large warm blanket, small propane stove, can opener, plastic fork and knife, camping mess kit, flask of alcohol, laundry detergent, extra matches, large jug of water, inflatable mattress, extra dried food: crackers/canned tuna, beef jerky, salt/pepper, energy bars, powdered Gatorade, vitamins, gas mask with NATO filter, potassium iodide for radiation poisoning, small Army field manual, disposable coverall suit, a weapon to defend yourself (gun, sword, or a large knife). 

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