Cedar Creek Falls

Cedar Creek Falls. Julian California

 Cedar Falls in Cleveland National Forest is one of the best waterfalls in Southern California.  The locals use it for as a swimming hole and a party spot.   There are hundreds of videos on Youtube of people jumping from from the cliffs into the water. One video of a man who climbs onto the cliff face and then takes a tumble even ended up on Tosh.0.  Recent restrictions and a new permit system have been put in place by the local government to limit the number of visitors per day who have access to the waterfall, both out of concerns for safety and because of complaints from local residents who were tired of the crowds and the trash.  

 On a recent trip to Cedar Falls in Julian California, I was disappointed to find nothing but a trickle of water and a stagnant pool.  2013 has been a very dry year in Southern California.  I didn’t spend much time hiking this summer because most of the waterfalls were bone dry.  A recent UCLA study predicts that snowfall totals in Southern California may decline by as much as 40 percent in the next 40 years.  That’s bad news for skiers and hikers in Southern California.

The hike to Cedar Falls is a relatively strenuous 4.5 mile roundtrip hike. Temperatures in the canyon can easily reach 120 degrees and you are completely exposed to the sun for most of the hike. I highly recommend avoiding this hike in the summer.  Dogs are permitted on the trail, but I would leave fluffy at home because of the risk of heat stroke on this hike. Don't forget your permit. 

Rather than wasting any time re-writing directions to the falls, I’m going to post a link to Cedar Creek Falls Here

Cedar Creek Falls Hike Julian California


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