Scripps Park, La Jolla Sea Caves

La Jolla Sea Cave

Scripps Park in San Diego features several of the largest sea caves in Southern California. To be honest, there aren't many large, natural caves in Southern California. As a cave enthusiast, I try to explore as many as I can.

The sea caves in La Jolla are unique because they are located under the bluffs of a major metropolitan area just a hundred yards from the hotels and restaurants on the streets above.  Many of the caves are only accessible by kayak. There are several companies in La Jolla that offer guided tours and rent boats to explore the caves. I've never rented from them because I own my own boat, so I won’t vouch for any tour group in particular.

At least one cave can be reached during low tide from the beach.  It’s actually an open-ended 50 foot tunnel. When the tide is out, you will almost certainly have company, because this is a very popular beach.
One of the best things about Scripps Park is the huge population of seals who inhabit the area. On a good day, you might see a a hundred seals sunning themselves on the rocks. Scripps Park is also home to a large population of
sea birds.

From I-5, exit onto La Jolla Parkway and head Northwest. In about a mile, La Jolla Parkway becomes Torrey Pines Road. Continue ½ mile to the intersection of Torrey Pines and Prospect St and turn right onto Prospect. From here, you’re own your own to find parking for Scripps Park.

Nearby: Torrey Pines State Park is located about ten miles North of Scripps Park and is definitely worth checking out, or you can continue 30 minutes south and explore the famous tidal pools at Point Loma and it's scenic overlook with panoramic views of San Diego.
La Jolla Sea Cave

Scripps Park, La Jolla

La Jolla Sea Kayaks


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