Yuba State Park. Levan, Utah

Yuba State Park Beach Camping
Yuba State Park is located just a few miles off the I-15 interstate near Levan Utah. It offers great opportunities for lakeside camping on the sand, boating, kayaking, fishing, ATV trails, or just kicking back and drinking a couple brews on the beach with your buddies. Yuba State Park is also quite possibly one of the best places to stargaze in the United States.  I've literally never seen anything like it. The stars looked so close that you could almost reach and touch them.  If you’re making the 16 hour trip from Southern California to Yellowstone National Park, Yuba should be your 8 hour halfway stopping point for the night. 
The Northbeach campground is the closest to the highway. Reservations can be made in advance by phone or through the official website. Campsites are insanely cheap, just 10$ for the night. Many of the campgrounds closer to Salt Lake City charge upwards of 40$ per night. For travelers on a budget, you won’t find a better deal than Yuba. 

 A few words of warning:  if you decide to drive on the beach, have your most experienced driver behind the wheel or YOU WILL get stuck in the sand.  My girlfriend stopped to let a dog cross our path and we spent the next fifteen minutes digging and pushing the car out of the sand. As long as you keep your car in first gear, stay out of the deep stuff, and refuse to stop for anything, you should be fine. I had no trouble at all behind the wheel. :) Also, you’re probably going to want to check the weather forecast. Temperatures in Yuba State Park can vary a great deal. When we visited in June, the daytime high was 89, but dipped to the low 50’s at night. Pack your gear accordingly. A jacket and a heavy sleeping bag are recommended. 

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