Bridal Veil Falls. Provo, Utah

Bridal Veil Falls. Provo, Utah

Bridal Veil Falls is an impressive 600 foot waterfall located about ten miles from the I-15 in Provo Utah. Although not worthy of a 9 hour drive from Orange County California by itself, Bridal Veil Falls is a great way to get out of the car for an hour, stretch your legs and see something impressive. You can actually ride your bike on the paved footpath from the parking area right up to the base of the falls and continue further up the canyon for some exploring.

I've read that route 189 is sometimes closed in the winter due to the snow, so you might want to plan your trip accordingly. I know that Bridal Veil Falls freezes over in the winter and becomes a popular destination for ice climbers.

There is also a whitewater rafting outfitter called RunoffRiver Adventures based near Bridal Veil Falls that offers some pretty inexpensive self-guided rafted trips with shuttle service for 30$/ per person. I haven’t checked them out myself, but I’m an avid bargain hunter and 30$ sounds like a deal to me. Yuba State Park is located about an hour south of Bridal Veil Falls and has some great lakeside beach camping for 10$/per night.  

Bridal Veil Falls Provo, Utah


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