Cactus Eaters. How I lost My Mind and Almost Found Myself on the Pacific Crest Trail

Cactus Eaters Dan white

I just finished Catus Eaters by first-time author Dan White. It was one of the best things I've read all year. Cactus Eaters is a dark comedy about a guy who goes hiking with his girlfriend on the Pacific Crest Trail and all the mishaps they ecounter along the way. This is really a novel about man vs nature, where nature kicks man's ass for most of the story. The Amazon reviews are mostly favorable, but I got a kick out of reading the negative responses from readers who thought Dan was a narcissistic asshole. I can just see those West Coast hippies at their LGBT book club ranting about gender inequality and male privilege and it cracks me up. If you plan on hiking the PCT, you may want to read this book first. Perhaps it will knock some sense into you.

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