10 Christmas Gifts under $30 for Manly Men

If any of my ex-girlfriends had bought me a Dremel and a hatchet for Christmas instead of socks, I would probably be married.  I hate nearly every "gift idea" list on the internet, so I decided to post my own personal Amazon wish list in hopes that someone on the web will read it and buy a stun-gun for that special guy in their life. I've never been to a party in my life where a stun-gun wouldn't have made it more fun. And I don't care what anyone says about the frisbee on my list. A frisbee is a manly gift and I stand by that. 

Sriracha Rooster Tee
14.99 from ThinkGeek

Vipertek Mini Stun Gun
10.99 Amazon

Hatchet by Fiskars
$25.97 Amazon

$28.42 Amazon

Rocksmith Guitar for PC
$29.99 Amazon

Dremel Rotary Tool
$29.00 Amazon

Alpine Gators
$28.22 Amazon

$9 Amazon

Fiskars Knife Sharpener
$11 Amazon

Military Morakniv
14$ Amazon


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