What should I put in my first-aid kit for a hike?

First-Aid Kit for Hiking by Black Diamond Outfitters

There is no definitive right answer when putting together a first-aid kit for hiking.  Every hike is unique.  My kit is based on the dry, hot, cloudless weather in Southern California. At first glance, the list below seems huge, but my kit only weighs about a pound. I buy everything in travel size and small individual packets. I'll add a picture below this post so you can how small the items above pack up in your kit. My own first-aid kit has saved me many, many times. The most common items I use are my windbreaker, my headlamp, my sunscreen and my toilet paper/hand-sanitizer. The most common item I need is extra water. Have a suggestion for something to add to my kit? Add it to the comments at the bottom.:)

My Kit:
Light wind-breaker jacket
Hand Sanitizer
Small roll of toilet paper
Extra plastic bag
Flashlight or Headlamp with fresh batteries
Anti-diarrhea medicine
Extra Inhaler for Asthma
Small roll of duct Tape
Safety Pin
Antibiotic Ointment
Alcohol Prep Pad
Length of Rope
Map of the area
Iodine Tablet or Chlorine tablet for emergency water purification
Needle and Thread
Small empty water bottle for carrying extra water
Sunglasses or a hat
Pair of light gloves
A few non-lubricated condoms for protecting electronics during a storm or river crossing

Small First Aid Kit For Hiking

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