Bridge to Nowhere: Azusa California

Bridge to Nowhere, Azusa California

The Bridge to Nowhere is a mandatory Southern California hike that follows the east fork of the San Gabriel River to a lonely bridge that leads nowhere. The hike is relatively easy when the water levels are low, but it can quite treacherous in the spring.  When it’s running chest high, a lot of hikers give up at the first crossing.  The trail is approximately 9 miles round trip and parallels the river for the most of the distance until heading up the east bank for the last mile or so to the bridge.  To avoid getting lost, stay to the right on the river for most of the hike. My favorite time to hike to the bridge is in the late spring when the river is unruly and the crowds are thin. I usually end up dumping water out of my boots a half dozen times, but the solitude is worth it.  This hike is insanely popular in the summer.

In the summer, you can actually bungee jump from the bridge. Reservations can be made here

Trailhead:    From the 210 in Azusa, exit on Azusa Ave and head North towards the mountains. After about ten miles, turn right on East Fork Road and continue for 8 more miles to the East Fork Station.  East Fork Road turns into Camp Bonita Road which dead-ends at the parking lot.

- Check the weather conditions before
you hike.
- Get an Adventure Pass ($5) to hang in your car when you park to avoid getting ticketed.
- Going to the bridge: stay along the right side most of the time.
- Wear shoes/hiking boots with ankle support and tread.
- Bring 2 pairs of extra socks.
- Bring a jacket and sunscreen.
- Bring at least 2 liters of water per person
- Bring Lunch or a snack
-Bring a bathing suit in case you want to swim (weather permitting)
East Fork San Gabriel River, Azusa California
- Have a dry pair of shoes/socks and a change of clothes in the car for the drive home.
East Fork of the San Gabriel River in Azusa
Bridge to Nowhere Trail


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